Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Task Board

Everyone really likes having a real task board in the team room. With just a glance anyone can understand where the team is in the sprint. There is a real emotional response for a team member to walk up to the board and move a card to the "Done" column. I've seen some places that use Velcro so there is an actual loud ripping noise when you peel something off the board. It's very gratifying and gives the team a real sense of accomplishment.

I use a cork board with some masking tape and colored index cards. Our burndown chart comes from TFS. We're using the Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 process guidance template. I also post the team's definition of "done" and their working agreements for the sprint. I a tool called Scrum Task Board Card Creator to print the tasks and stories from TFS.

How is your task board set up?


  1. I think your board looks great. I have one suggestion for improvement: Make "swimming lanes" so that it is easy to follow all the tasks for each product backlog item.

  2. Thanks. I thought about swim lanes when I set it up but I thought it would be too crowded. We could always try it out and see if we like it for a while.